Benvinguts // Welcome!

Hola a tots,

doncs sí, al final m'he decidit i he obert un blog perquè aneu seguint el meu treball fotogràfic. Espero que us agradi!

Hello to everybody,

finally I have decided to create a blog to follow my photo work. Hope you like it!



Fenton, una petita ciutat al centre de l'estat de Michigan, popular per la zona dita "The seven lakes" (els set llacs)

Fenton, a little town in the middle of Michigan State.

Fenton, una pequeña ciudad en el centro del estado de Michigan.

Fenton, une petite ville au centre de Michigan
Downtown Fenton

Victorian houses in downtown.

You can find more than 8 lakes around the town!

Downtown Fenton

Sunset in Ponemah Lake

4 comentarios:

  1. a beautiful series of genres! I love the wooden structure, the lake and the mouth was fire and the beautiful sunset! bye !!

  2. You definitely captured the essence of small-town mid-America. This actually looks very similar to where we live, 300 miles to the south of where you were. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

  3. I love this essence of Victorian houses and calm, without stress as you can feel in big cities!