Benvinguts // Welcome!

Hola a tots,

doncs sí, al final m'he decidit i he obert un blog perquè aneu seguint el meu treball fotogràfic. Espero que us agradi!

Hello to everybody,

finally I have decided to create a blog to follow my photo work. Hope you like it!



Anant amunt i avall amb el cotxe per l'estat de Michigan, no podien faltar unes instantànees de la carretera!
Going up and down of the Michigan State, it was impossible to miss some pics of the american roads and the landscapes!!
Yendo de un lado para otro en coche por Michigan, no podían faltar unas instantaneas de la carretera...

Anant cap a Bay City
Going to Bay City

Buscant els Grans LLacs, i el Llac Huron...però on és?
Looking for the Great Lakes and Huron Lake....but where is it?
Buscando los Grandos Lagos i el Lago Huron....pero dónde está?
....i només camps i més camps...
...only farms and more farms....
...solo granjas y más granjas...

3 comentarios:

  1. I like the title of this post! that really makes movies... This pictures are great! I like farms with a special architecture, and the first one with the endless road!
    Bye !! :)

  2. Thanks Mahon! I love the first pic too. I was driving at the same time that I was taking the shoot!! Extreme adventure! Lol

  3. Very nice images! I'm glad you were able to visit at this particular time of year. It won't be long and the weather will be changing and those beautiful blue skies will be a distant memory until next next year.